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Arianna lands in the US

5/2/2007 - USA

AGB Nielsen Media Research is pleased to announce that in partnership with Nielsen Media Research, Arianna has been released as the television ratings tool in the US.

Arianna will allow local US clients to move into the arena of desktop data analysis and will provide them with more flexibility and analysis capabilities than previously available, allowing them to more fully utilise the overnight demographic TV ratings data.

Arianna will be followed out to the top ten markets first which are already covered by the local peoplemeters, along with the additional 3 LPM markets that are foreseen to go live during 2007 before rolling Arianna out to the rest of the Nielsen meter markets.  A multi-market version will also become available later this year for agencies, rep firms, national broadcasters and cable clients providing them with both flexibility and speed with analysing ratings from several markets at one time.

“Although Arianna is already present in more than 30 countries, this is a great credit to AGB Nielsen Media Research as a Group” said Niccolo Colussi, Managing Director AGB Nielsen Media Research, Analysis Software Division “and I am extremely proud that Arianna is now deployed in the world’s largest television and advertising market.” 

For those of you who are interested in reading the official releases that went out by Nielsen Media Research, please click here

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