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New panel-design in Turkey completed

30/6/2007 - Turkey

The Turkish Statistical Institute has developed a new classification of regional units for statistics, in accordance with the Accession Partnership prepared by the E.U., to enable comparable statistics across member and candidate countries. It has been recommended that samplings to collect statistics across the country should be based on this classification.

Based on this, the Turkish JIC (TIAK) and AGB Nielsen Media Research Turkey prepared a proposal of a new panel design, increasing the panel from 2200HHs to 2,500 HHs and the number of cities from 21 to 34, with 3 existing cities to be replaced. In total, 550 existing HHs were de-installed and 850HHs were newly recruited.

Right after TIAK has accepted the proposal in 2006, an Establishment Survey of 35,000 HHs was commenced and recruitment of HHs started. All the fine tunings, the recruitment and installation of all panel HHs were completed end Jun 2007.

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