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Jakarta office provides continual TAM service throughout the ‘flooding disaster’ period

9/2/2007 - Indonesia

AGB Nielsen Media Research based in Indonesia's flood-stricken capital Jakarta has provided a continual overnight and weekly TV ratings service, during this disaster period, by utilizing the Global Disaster Recovery Site (GDRS) service.

This GDRS is situated in the Corporate Support Centre, based in Switzerland and has the primary objective of ensuring business continuity for all AGB Nielsen Media Research operating countries, in case of any event of 'force majeur'. This is achieved by effectively re-establishing the critical operations remotely within the shortest possible time and with the minimal loss of data.

Unlike many other TAM operations, the AGB Nielsen Media Research GDRS not only provides each operating country with the security of knowing that there is a complete back up of their systems outside their country but more importantly knowing that data production including polling can be carried out immediately from remote if a localized problem occurs that doesn’t allow for ‘business as normal’.

This is exactly the situation that the Jakarta office experienced over the last few days, where as a result of the extensive flooding in the capital, the electrical and telecommunications (landline and GSM) were disrupted.  This meant that on occasion up to 80% of the polling lines required by the Jakarta office to carry out their regular overnight data polling were not available. 

Immediately after alerting the Corporate Support Centre, the normal overnight polling was initiated from Switzerland. With access to the remotely polled data, the Jakarta office was able to complete the data production and delivery procedures and provide their clients with their regular overnight and weekly ratings service.

“I felt very comfortable knowing that I could advise clients that we were in a position to guarantee them a seamless continuation of our overnight and weekly TV ratings service.  My clients have expressed their satisfaction in how professionally and effectively we have been able to deal with this disaster” said Irawati Pratignyo, Managing Director of AGB Nielsen Media Research (Indonesia).  “As the flooding is now subsiding and business is returning to normal, we believe that as of Monday we will be able to resume polling from our local office.  It is reassuring for me to know that even if the lines are not restored by the beginning of next week, as indicated by our telecoms provider, that we can continue to be supported remotely by the GDRS team in Switzerland.”

“Delivering accurate and reliable data on a daily basis is key to our long term success as TAM data suppliers.  By having a dedicated Corporate Support Centre we are in unique position to implement a Global Disaster Recovery Service to all of our operations worldwide.  Furthermore given the harmonization of our global operations and dedicated GDRS team, we can guarantee our clients worldwide that within the shortest possible time we can re-establish the critical data collection and production processes, in the case of any ‘force majeur’ and continue to provide the regular TV ratings service with the minimum loss of data” Patricia Jackson, AGB Nielsen Media Research Corporate Support Centre, Managing Director Production Services.

For further details on the Global Disaster Recovery Site please click on the following link or download the TAMWise Issue 03/2006 from our Corporate Website

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