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China TAM Media Forum

2/12/2006 - China

AGB Nielsen Media Research China shares their strategy for ensuring clients are offered a superior TAM service.

AGB Nielsen Media Research China was invited to participate in a "China TAM Media Forum" organised by GroupM on 22nd Nov 2006 in Shanghai. The forum brought together senior GroupM management, key advertisers, media planners and media research companies. The aim was to provide the participants with an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas on the trends, challenges and opportunities within the Chinese TAM environment.

AGB Nielsen Media Research shared with participants the strategy that they are already implementing to ensure that they can offer China a superior TAM service; based on the total Chinese population and by utilising state of the art TAM technologies. Dr Alberto Colussi, Chairman of the AGB Nielsen Media Research Management Board commented "it is a constructive way to address the problem (the fact that there are two competing services) and this gives each supplier the opportunity to explain to clients how they are operating so that they can make up their minds as to who is offering them the better service". Brillian Zhou, the Media Director from YUM further commented that given the rapid economic and technological changes in China "the most important thing is that it is not just conceptual plans but that they are also actually being implemented".

Clients were able to understand the benefits of the new AGB Nielsen Media Research service based on data collected from the 7 provinces which had already been completed. Dr Colussi commented that "although we are only half way, we can already demonstrate that there is more purchasing power in the non-urban areas than in the urban areas and if the TAM service continues to measure only the big cities, this will lead to ratecards going up due to an excess of demand. However, if you are able to distribute your investment across an urban and non-urban population, not only do you gain a flexibility that was previously missing (based on a city-only measurement service) but the potential of other media, such as the provincial city channels now become evident and can be incorporated into the advertising plans."

The Q&A session following the presentation was a lively and informative one and all questions were answered either directly or in a more interactive manner during the live demonstrations of UNITAM, the TV Events Suite and Arianna. These demonstrations also provided participants with a far more 'hand on' understanding of AGB Nielsen Media Research's proprietary system and how it can guarantee a high level of accuracy and data reliability, even in a complex and dynamic TAM environment such as China is presenting.

For those readers who might be interested in downloading the highlights of the AGB Nielsen Media Research presentation, please click here.

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