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Measuring TV audiences in China: a 'great leap forward'

12/2/2007 - China

This month Admap has published a special supplement focusing on China. Within this supplement Dr Alberto Colussi, Chairman Management Board, outlines how AGB Nielsen Media Research is developing its TAM service to meet new needs of China.

Given that today any credible TAM service in China needs to take into account the immense economic and social developments that have been achieved by China in the last few years, and to anticipate the continual growth in the years to come, the existing city based approach needed to be completely revised.

Instead an approach was needed which covered the entire Chinese population (consistent with the distribution of TV set ownership and TV coverage) and recognized the increasing purchasing power of the Chinese living outside the main urban areas/cities.

With this in mind, since 2005 AGB Nielsen Media Research has been implementing its Provincial TAM service, and taken this opportunity to ensure that the technology it installs is capable of accurately and completely measuring the TV audiences in an environment where there is a rapid transition to digital and a number of inherent measurement complexities.
The data which is being produced on an overnight basis from those Provinces that have already been completed highlight how this new TAM service offers a far more comprehensive insight into the strengths of the various channels. The expansion of the panel to incorporate the rural areas shows important, if not dramatic increases, in the population coverage and consistently substantial increases in daily viewing. But what is even more impressive is the impact on the share of viewing in terms of channel share and reach.

These issues are covered in more detail in the article published by Admap, which can be downloaded by clicking here.

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