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In China, upgrade of first 5 markets completed

1/6/2006 - China

AGB Nielsen Media Research China has completed the upgrade of its first 5 markets; the two autonomous cities of Beijing and Shanghai and the 3 provinces of Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu.

These 5 markets alone represent some 226 million Chinese viewers and the overnight reporting panel is based on some 5,540 installed meters. This upgrade and expansion is in lines with AGB Nielsen Media Research's new approach to TAM in China; that of providing TV ratings based on the entire Chinese population, including county level towns and villages. By the end of this year, a further two provinces will have been completed, those of Shandong and Fujian. At this stage, AGB Nielsen Media Research will be monitoring nearly 400 million Chinese viewers. The 2007 phase of this provincial expansion will result in the overnight TAM service monitoring the viewing behaviour of one billion Chinese viewers (representing 77% of the Chinese population or 83% of the country's GDP) monitored by 18,000 reporting overnight homes.

In a recent communication, AGB Nielsen Media Research (China) reassured its clients that they have already anticipated the impact that digital broadcasting was going to have on them as a TAM data provider. As of 2005, the metering technology that has been, and will continue to be, installed in the TV ratings panel homes has already proved to offer accurate overnight, second by second currency TV ratings - even in the most complex of TV environments such as the United Kingdom.

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