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Panel expansions and upgrades in a number of Asian & Latin countries.

1/3/2006 - Not Specified

  • China: Foreseen that during 2006 a further 6 provincial panels will be implemented in China, and progress is being made in converting current off-line meters into an online service.
  • Indonesia: Data available to subscribers as of 1Q05 for 10th Terrestrial TAM city, Banjarmasin. Upgrading national panel to online service currently underway.
  • Philippines: Following restructuring of Mega Manila panel following joint venture, now also upgraded all other offline key city panels to online meters.
  • Malaysia: Panel expansion to 1,000 HHs currently underway.
  • Thailand: Nationwide conversion from offline to online TAM service well underway with all Greater Bangkok homes nearly completed.
  • Mexic Panel expanded to include two new areas Puebla and Leon, with data available to clients as of 1Q06.
  • Venezuela: The first stage of Venezuelan National Panel Expansion from 485 to 650 HHs well advanced. National panel to include two new cities C. Guayana and Puerto La Cruz with additional 120 HHs.
  • Venezuela evaluating with US Networks to establish additional digital panel underway with implementation target for 2H06.

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