Arianna is the ultimate software suite for Television Ratings Analysis and is the natural evolution of the WorkStation. Combining impressive speed, flexibility and sophisticated reporting capabilities, Arianna is perfectly positioned to cope with any given reality within the highly dynamic and ever evolving Australian media environment.

Arianna takes analysis software into an exciting new era.

Arianna is an evolving tool continuously being enriched with innovative functionalities and new analyses, suggested directly by our clients. By investing in Arianna, you are investing in a product committed to evolving in order to suit the needs of the market.

Arianna’s integrated workspace allows you to run different analyses within a single application. As an example, Pay TV Share Reports can be run alongside Free to Air Ranking Reports and Regional Market Reach and Frequency Reports.

Every setting within Arianna is fully customisable to suit the needs of each user. Commonly used demographics, report layouts or graphs can all be saved locally or across a network for other users to share.

Arianna’s modular technology ensures you only invest in the analysis modules you need. As a result, the software can be as basic or as powerful as you need, in order to suit the core tasks of each member of your organisation.

Through Arianna’s automated task scheduler, the user can perform multiple operations automatically at a specific time. Daily reports and graphs can be printed, exported (via Excel or HTML) and sent via email without even opening the software!

Arianna Innovation

Set no limits to the evolution of your tools

Arianna is an evolving tool that is continuously being enriched with innovative functionalities and new analyses. Arianna uses COM-object technology that provides enhanced ability and increased ease with which to introduce new features. This means you are investing in a product that won’t ever stagnate or become out of date.

New Analyses:

Duplication & Exclusivity: identifies the number of common viewers of any group of TV Items. Enables reporting in a matrix table format to analyse multiple pairs of TV items or Combination reports where the common viewers of custom groups of more than two events are displayed. 

Proportion of Viewing: is a special analysis that reports the audience estimates grouped by viewing threshold segments.

Arianna Integration

The unique solution

The experience acquired over the last decade and the implementation of the tool in 37 countries has allowed Nielsen TAM to conceive and accomplish a highly integrated application software.

Unique environment:
Arianna’s unique environment structure allows you to run pay, metro or regional analyses from within the one workspace.

Cross-area analyses:
Freely move between Viewing Behaviour and Post Evaluation analyses for a complete and in-depth scope of investigation on your media plan.

Build your own common groups of demographics, report layouts and graphs that are then available throughout all modules.

Arianna Flexibility

There is never just one way to analyse data

Flexibility is a fundamental characteristic of Arianna given its requirement to fulfill the diversity of needs resulting from a global tool appreciated worldwide.

Arianna is highly configurable and multilingual, making it ideal for international channels.

Report layouts are only limited by your imagination. Arianna has set the benchmark in terms of reporting flexibility.

High resolution graphs can be created from most modules

Arianna Modularity

Local solutions for a global tool

Arianna has been designed to be modular. Every analysis corresponds to a specific module and, through the exploitation of a unique security management system, each of these modules can be easily added or removed from the Arianna environment.

As a result, Arianna can be tailored to fit the needs of the wide range of possible clients, be it TV Networks, Agencies, Media Sellers or Stock Broking Firms, through to Client Departments (Research, Sales etc), or organisational positions (Heads of Dept., Junior Analyst etc). 

Arianna Automation

Optimise your time

With the Task Scheduler, routine reports can be generated at a given time on specific days without further intervention. This functionality greatly facilitates the generation of analyses, such as Share and Ranking Reports, as well as client specific post analysis reports.

The Task Scheduler allows Arianna to automatically perform multiple tasks simultaneously:

Generate predefined reports and graphs: through a batch, the scheduler can produce multiple reports and charts all at once.

Print: reports can be automatically printed for retrieval at convenience.

Export: supports the most common formats (Excel, HTML).

Send the reports by e-mail.