Software Training

Software Training

After the AGB Nielsen Media Research software is installed,client training is necessary to do. Because all software from AGB Nielsen Media Research is be specific software. So client have to learn how to use it with our data.  

Initially, training users receive a short manual (instructions) for the program, together with Variable definitions (option in the software packages), which appear in the software.

After a certain period, when users learn the basic functions of the software, we start additional training with each user individually, considering their specific needs at work and his degree of independence while using the software.

No matter the training results, users can face certain problem while using the software and TAM data. When such problems occur, users can always contact the expert-associates in the Marketing department. They will also assist by production of special reports and analyses as well as provide all extra help and information considering the AGB Nielsen Media Research software.

If the help via telephone is not enough, we will immediately respond and make an appointment for a visit.

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