ARS What is different

Why is it different

- User friendly special function in the software -

All of our Customers can decide freely which classes to order if they don`t use the whole database.

The advertisement purchased by our Customers can be downloaded to their own purpose without restraint.

Due to the internet based access of the software the queries of more users are adabtable simultaneously.

Searching by keyword and word composition. (for example whether the word of `cleanliness`, `energy` turns out in the text or in the description of the advertisement

"Details" - detailed description about the given commercial (e.g. the size of the advertisement, coloured or black and white, on which page turned out first in a given newspaper , its slogan, the full text of the television advertisement etc.)

Extend / Extend All - View of the frequency of the tv campaign and advertisement cost on the base of the rate card .

Two weeks test period free of charge for all inquirers.