ARS Databases

Media-types in the software


(Television channels: m1, m2, Duna TV, RTL Klub, tv2, Minimax, Viasat3, Viva)
All spots- more than 20 000 type of commercial- emerged on the channels being recorde by AGB Hungary since April 1999- are available in mpg format. Frequency and advertising expenditure data of all television campaigns are also available.


Advertisements pubblished in 250 types of magazines ,national and regional newspapers have been recording in jpg format since 2000.

Billboard, citylight
We have been taking photoes continously about the outdoor advertisements in the area of Budapest and its surrounding since January, 2000 and these photoes are provided our customers in jpg format.

We have been recording Boomerang, Est cards and O-Zone tables in our database since 2002.

We have been recording all advertisements published in the Danubius, Juventus, Sláger, Roxy, Klub, Info és Kossuth Radio in mp3 format.


Internet banner-monitoring ( advertisements of the 100 most visited sites)
An internet based monitoring service has been backupping the banners , flash animation, and pictures placed on the Hungarian web-sites and ad-server in gif-, and swf format.