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1992-1999: The right formula leads to an indisputed leadership

In 1991, after Mr. Maxwell's death, all financial companies went into liquidation and Alberto Colussi decided to buy AGB Italia from the liquidators (i.e. Arthur Andersen) in 1992.

Afterwards he resolved to concentrate his efforts on the development of the television audience measurement so he sold all other activities of his company, that is the ad-hoc researches and the "consumer" panel. In October 1992, AGB Italia established in Switzerland a support company, called AGB Media Services, dedicated to all the activities interrelated with the TAM service.
In fact AGB Media Services acts as the repository for the Group know-how, as a consultant for all local TAM operations, it is engaged to optimize hardware and software and provides specialized consulting services. This was certainly an important watershed. Actually AGB Group could grow more quickly with AGB Media Services' support.

In 1992 AGB Italia established AGB Gulf (UAE), then AGB Hungary (1993), AGB Venezuela (1994), AGB Middle East (Saudi Arabia 1995), AGB Polska (1996), AGB Cyprus (1998), AGB Data Research (Romania 1998), AGB Ukraine (1998), AGB Stat Ipsos (Lebanon 1998). In the first quarter of 1999 AGB Slovenija took off, so AGB Group could count on 16 subsidiaries all over the world.

Besides this boom, AGB Italia has entered into a co-operation agreement with the IBOPE Brazil Group, which accepted to make AGB Group participate to its business in the Latin American area and let AGB technology and meter system manage its TAM activities in these countries: IBOPE AGB Mexico and IBOPE AGB Colombia were the newcomers from this deal in 1995.
In 1999 AGB attained two great international successes: first by securing from A.C. Nielsen the panel in the Philippines, a true strategic market being a bridgehead towards Asia, secondly the panel in Australia, which represents a quite significant outcome being the second large-sized panel managed by the Group. This victory was really so remarkable as AGB won again against A.C. Nielsen, its lifelong strong competitor.