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1988-1991: The international challenge

The experience and the specific know-how gained managing the peoplemeter service have been priceless for AGB Italia that could export abroad its well-proven and tested unit.

Relying on its own human, technical and financial resources, AGB started measuring the television audience in Greece (AGB Hellas was founded in 1988), in Turkey (AGB Anadolu was set up in 1989) and in Portugal (AGB Portugal started up in 1990).
The implementation of TAM services in these countries with limited media markets and low advertising expenditure was a really hard task for AGB Italia, specially the data production was difficult due to the utilization of a central computer whose installation and maintenance costs were prohibitive in those markets.

So AGB looked for an alternative cheaper solution and transferred the production software from the old computer to the personal computer. In 1988 the first version of Pollux, the production software on Pc, was developed and it certainly helped the easy, efficacious and low-priced expansion of the meter measurement into new countries. In 1988 AGB Research Plc. was bought by Robert Maxwell through an open bid.